[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Workers' compensation programs seem like they should be fairly straight forward: if someone is injured at work, he or she sees a doctor until fully recovered, receiving pay for any missed work.  If the workers' compensation system in California was this simple, injured workers would be able to handle the entire process themselves.  Unfortunately, the actual work comp system is rarely so straightforward.  Qualifications, paperwork, lack of treatment options, delays, denials, and more can throw a wrench in to the workers' compensation claim process, some of which can be difficult for an injured worker to complete alone. No one expects injured workers to be experts in workers' compensation law.  Some workplaces and insurance companies take advantage of that fact, preventing workers from receiving desperately needed medical treatment and financial recovery.  A workers' compensation attorney can help with several aspects of a claim that would typically be very difficult to handle alone. Eligibility Not every injury is eligible for workers' compensation.  Injuries are only eligible if they meet specific criteria.  Some injuries, such as repetitive motion or stress injuries, may require proof and documentation.  If you're in a car accident on your way to work, injuries would not be covered, but if you're in a car accident on your way to an off-site meeting, they might be.  It can be confusing.  An attorney can listen to your story and help you determine if you're eligible to file a work comp claim. Claim Filing Workers' comp claims need to be filled out completely, timely, and accurately.  Any mistakes or delays in the paperwork can lead to a denial of benefits.  Attorneys have the experience necessary to ensure claims are filed with the best chance of approval. Appeals If your workers' compensation claim was rejected, an attorney will know the proper steps to take to appeal the claim denial.  Pursuing an appeal without an attorney can reduce the odds of a successful appeal. Litigation The ability to file a lawsuit in a workers' compensation claim is limited in California.  However, should the circumstances necessitate litigation, an attorney will know the steps needed to file a lawsuit with the courts. Answers Questions The Law Office of Scott Warmuth knows that injured workers have questions.  We do everything possible to ensure our workers' compensation clients receive answers.  Securing legal representation can help injured workers receive the help they need when they need it most.  Call 888-517-9888 today for a free consultation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]