[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Episode 18 of the San Gabriel Valley Master Key podcast, co-hosted by Attorney Scott Warmuth, was officially released yesterday! Episode 18 features David Cutter, Pasadena piano teacher. Episode Description:

David’s twenty years of classroom teaching gives him the experience to know how to listen to a student, how to assess what is needed and how to quickly respond to the learning opportunity. He has also written educational courses during his career, most recently, a piano appreciation course for the Pasadena Senior Center. In his private piano teaching practice, David uses his creative problem solving skills to motivate students, particularly when they hit road blocks. He is open and flexible about how to work with each person, always starting with where the student is at. That way he discovers what works for a particular student and customizes lessons accordingly. David teaches out of his studio in Pasadena and is a member of the Pasadena Branch of the Music Teachers Association of California.

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